‘Your Cancer Care in Wales’

Filmed in both Welsh & English, this case study was filmed & edited to promote and raise awareness of a new Macmillan Cancer Support Cymru resource ‘Your Cancer Care in Wales’ which is available to download here.

The film includes a case study by Carys Morgans who helped the develop the resource after her diagnosis.
The booklet was developed with help of those with first hand experience and the booklet is not only for those with a diagnosis, but for friends, families and carers to help them find the information and resources they need.

Macmillan are a fantastic charity, one of the biggest in the UK, doing amazing work to support anyone affected by cancer, and one which has personally affected a lot people in Wales, UK and worldwide and is something very close to us personally here and we feel very passionate about the need for continued support and awareness.

For more information on Macmillan’s work visit their website 




Macmillan Cancer Support



Carys reading the Macmillan Cymru resource 'Your Cancer Care in Wales'
Carys looking out of window
Video title above Carys reading booklet